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Sheffield Children’s’ University

We are pleased to announce that 280th Norton Beavers is part of an exciting project called Sheffield Children’s University (CU), as a ‘Learning Destination’.  This means that your children can collect credits for taking part in our activities which leads to certificates and badges presented at special award ceremonies.

Find out more information here

Parental help needed

Dear parents,

we are struggling at the moment to have enough leaders to make Beavers viable.

If we don’t have enough leaders or parent helpers we will need to cancel sessions – obviously something we want desperately to avoid. We are therefore calling for your support.

In a perfect world one or two of you would come forward and volunteer to be one of the leaders – if you would like to try your hand at being a leader please let a member of the team know

Alternatively, if you are not confident or comfortable being an assistant leader, if one or two of you were able to come forward and agree to be a regular parent helper that would also solve the problem.

If parents don’t come forward as regular helpers or leaders we will need to reinstate the parent rota.  This is fine in principle (although difficult to manage) the biggest problem we have had with this in the past is that if the rota’d parent doesn’t turn up we have to cancel the session and send all the Beavers home.

Until such times as we have the additional help we need to maintain adequate child to adult ratios, can we please ask that at the start of each week you come into the Chantry Centre and you remain with your child until a leader lets you know its OK to leave.  That way, if we don’t have sufficient numbers and need to cancel we don’t have to ring round and get you all straight back to pick up your Beaver.

Stay up to date with Facebook

Did you know that there is a 280th Norton Beavers group on Facebook?

We put any last minute notices on Facebook and also post upcoming programme info on there

Its restricted access to parents of Norton Beavers only, so you will need to send a membership request on Facebook – just search for 280th Norton Beavers