The Childrens’ University

We are pleased to announce that 280th Norton Beavers is part of an exciting project called Sheffield Children’s University (CU), as a ‘Learning Destination’. Our Beavers has been validated by the CU Team which means they have approved the safety and quality of the learning elements of the activities we provide. This means that your children can collect credits for taking part in our activities. They receive one credit for every hour of activity they do which leads to certificates and badges presented at special award ceremonies. The only thing they need to do to collect the credits is to buy a Passport to Learning. These can be bought from any Sheffield library for £3.50.

The Sheffield CU Team has done lots of research into the positive effects that taking part in extra learning activities can have. They (and others) have reported that Sheffield children who take part in CU activities do better at school than they were expected to do. They also do better than other children who don’t take part in extra CU learning activities, and their confidence, motivation and self-esteem increases. This is why Beavers have become part of this work – we want the very best for our young members.

The Sheffield CU Team can only track credits earned by children who attend Sheffield schools.

It may be that your child attends a Sheffield school which is already part of Sheffield Children’s University (see the website to find out: and if this is the case, then they will already be collecting CU credits for any out-of-school activities they take part in at school. Having a Passport to Learning will help your child collect CU credits much quicker. They DON’T need their Passport to Learning to record their activities at school though.

The Passport to Learning can also be used by your child to collect even more CU credits at over 170 other Learning Destinations in Sheffield (again, visit the website to find out where to go: There are also Learning Destinations across the country where children can collect even more CU credits in their Passport to Learning, such as The Deep in Hull, Magna in Rotherham, English Heritage sites, etc. so don’t forget to take your CU Passports when you go on holiday!

To make sure your child is awarded the credits they have earned, they need to do 2 things…

  1. Make sure they get their Passport to Learning signed by a Beaver leader every week they attend. Beavers can also get their passport signed when they attend Church Parade or additional Beaver trips.
  2. Make sure their name and attendance at each session is recorded on the special CU register. A Beaver leader will be keeping this register up to date for us and send the credits into the CU every term.

If you have any more questions, please speak to Helen Currie, or visit the Sheffield CU website:, follow them on Twitter (@SheffieldCU) and find them on Facebook.